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Dr. Eugene Moznavsky - Chiropractic Physician and Performance Coach, Founder of Limitless Performance Chiropractic

Dr. David Meyer PT, DPT - Host of The Injured to Elite Podcast, and Author of Injured to Elite

Why should you join our community?

  • Learn from the experts: We wanted to offer our knowledge to you at a time when you need us most. Instead of waiting for an appointment, or searching the endless internet for answers, bring your questions to us now about your wellness and performance.
  • Join a Community: This is not just about giving you quick fix solutions, but instead to support you with your physical goals along the way. Join others in the pursuit of their goals and support one another. We are building a safe and positive community to encourage one another to go forward when we feel at our weakest and strongest.
  • Knowledge: We will be hosting regularly scheduled Live Q&A's where we cover hot topics related to your physical health and performance. Not only will you learn from us and our special guest experts, but you will also have an opportunity engage with his directly!
  • We take a holistic and multi-disciplinary approach: No ego or heavy biases in the Blueprint to Performance community as we come from a diverse background, Physical Therapy, and Chiropractic care, but share in our belief that you must take a well rounded holistic approach (Mind, Body, and Spirit) when it comes to your physical performance.
  • Because times are tough!: We know that the struggle is real for so many out there right now, and we want to offer better solutions than what is available. Can't get to a clinician right now? This might be your much needed first stop to have your questions answered.
  • We are not just a facebook community: By being part of our group, you will have exclusive access to our services and offers including virtual workshops, and premium content. And access to leading professionals in the field of Physical Performance.

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